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Company News

Why choose ChuangGao ?


Why choose ChuangGao ?
Changzhou Chuanggao Exhibition Products Co., Ltd. , set up in 2001, located in Changzhou City , near shanghai.
We are professional manufacturer of Aluminium Modular Exhibition Stands for more than 10 years in this industry, and exported to overseas market a lot , also sell good in domestic market.
Main products:
Shell Scheme Booth System
Maxima System
Showcase System
Floor System
Fabric System
Display Wall System
Assistant System
Truss System
Expo Furniture
Expo Electrical Equipment

Superiority of Competition
1)Compatible with OC Exhibition System
2.Real Competitive Cost
3.Service Consciousness
4. Stable Quality Contarol
5.Geographical Advantage

Quality Control Quality Process Control
1.Raw and auxiliary materials - into the area to be seized - qualified goods shelves, return nonconforming product - shelves to the material inspection records of raw materials - the whole production process to track the production process.

The production of production - processing of metal raw materials - the first time, to check eligibility, they can be bulk, at the same time carry out inspections every hour - completed after passing the final by the QC check proofing - At the same time, Transfer card go with the work piece transfers (that is, the number of processing requests, tasks, single number, the quality of the state, etc.), and circulation records of cards - in the process of assembling the product, class and group leaders responsible for the quality inspection process, QC personnel responsible for product inspection and records ( standard samples for the customer to confirm). No signage approved, no transfer.
3. The finished products - procedures for storage, finished product sampling at the same time - on the qualified product delivery, trace the reasons for substandard products and the corresponding improvement – finally finished the product record.

Our Service
ChuangGao Corporation culture (work seriously and sincerely treat people) transmitted to the customer service and timely services: Although the time difference, but we will use the services in time to make up the difference, as far as possible Commitment to quality: we will be responsible for the product design as well as functional defects.

Geographical Advantage
We are located in the hinterland of the Yangtze River Delta, has a wealth of industry chain matching There are sufficient reserves of talent Labor cost advantage, secondary cities Convenient transportation, adjacent to the largest Port Shanghai

Welcome to visit the factory for cooperation!

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